The Heyday

by The Heyday

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released September 29, 2007

The Heyday is:
Randy Ramirez (Lead vocals, Guitar)
Brian Martin (Lead guitar, Vocals)
Peter Wynn (Bass guitar, Vocals)
Jeff Appareti (Piano, Organ, Wurlitzer)
Sean Bennett (Drums)



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The Heyday Denver, Colorado

The Heyday has been preaching the gospel of the “good old days” for years. Forming in Colorado in the spring of 2006 as the sun set on their high school careers, what started as a few friends in a basement rocking out has turned into an act committed to traveling the country, making fans and friends alike, writing feel good music that is fit for any radio station, living room, club, or festival. ... more


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Track Name: Turn Me Around
I've been gone
For far too long
I know it was wrong to leave but now
I'm ready won't you turn me around
And Now I'm stuck here
Longing for the place that I was last year
I know it’s a lot to ask of you
But it’s worth a shot so..

Turn me around
Get me back to where I started from
I'm done being down
Oh I think its time I come back home.

It's a shame that I'm not there to help you out
Even though I'm lost, I've not lost hope out on the lonesome road
All I have is the memory of what I had
But I'll make, it back oh someday soon I promise you

And I'm long, long gone no I'm never coming back here again
I'm long, long gone no I'm never coming back

Turn me around, oh turn me around
I've got to get back to you somehow
Track Name: Come In or Stay Out
You come and go
Just to tear me up inside
And watch me fall apart
Right before your very eyes
But you say this time it’s for good (for your own good)
You’re packing up and moving in
With some guy that you met last year

I don’t know how this is gonna end
Cause you keep making wounds that time will never mend

Oh you broke my heart
But you saved my life
That day that you walked right out the door
So just stay away
Cause I just can't take
The thought of you coming back for more

When that lonesome road
Starts to take its toll on you
Don't you call me back no
I ain't gonna be no fool
You say you want to come home
But home is where the heart is
And you ain't got no home at all

You say that you're never coming back
But I know that I'll see you 'round real soon.
You say that you're never coming back
But we both know that’s nothing but a lie.

You say a lot of things,
Half of them you don’t mean.
I think that I'll be seeing you again.
Track Name: One Foot Out The Door
I was standing with one foot out the door
You were lookin’ for something to hope for
We were just wasting time saying goodbye
We were young back then
It was just a game
We were playing for just the sake of shame
I don’t know where we went wrong
But I know those times are gone

If this the way it has to be
Then don’t come back to look for me
Just let it go and turn around while you still can
Cause this is where I draw the line
We were only wasting time
So don’t you look at me like that
I never thought it would end like this

You’re just like the shape of water you don’t last
Always changing just to fit into the glass
You were someone else when I met you
You were lookin’ through our photographs
Just wishin’ you could just go back
And I don’t know where we went wrong
But I know those times are gone

We had it in our hands but we let it go
I never thought, never thought it would end like this
Love is dyin’ fast oh we should’ve known
I never thought, never thought it would end like this
Track Name: Fear of Heights
I think we got off on the wrong foot let’s start over
I’ve had enough of this oh we’re only getting older
And I can see where you’re coming from
But I don’t know where you’ve been
Oh I can see where you’re coming from
But I don’t know where you’re takin’ this

So come on girl don’t give up just yet

Here we go again
Sayin’ the same things we‘ve always said
Only time will tell where we will be
This time next year

We gotta slow down cause right now
All we have is time (we heard it all a thousand times before)
Let’s wait this out
Cause I know some day we’ll be fine (it's been 7 months so what is 7 more)
And I can feel that we’re moving forward
But I don’t know where we’ll end up
Oh I can feel where we’re headed torwards
But I don’t know if it’s enough

So come on girl ain’t it worth a shot

If love is the state I was meant to fall into
Then why do I fear heights
Whenever I’m with you
If bein’ alone leaves me terrified
Then why am I waiting
To let our hearts collide
Track Name: Lights, Camera, Distraction
You sure know how to hold a grudge
You’re fists are clenched tight, you’re just looking to fight
You’re always the one to be judge
It’s come down to this so make one last wish

Oh it’s about time you let go

You faked your own death just to see
The look in my eyes when I said my goodbyes
But now you’re just as good as dead to me
And we're going down so take one last bow

Oh it's about time you let go
Move Along
Tie up the loose ends
Bid farewell old friend.
Just let go
Say so long
Forget what we had
Oh it's not so bad just let go

Lights, Camera, Distraction.
Oh now you've set the stage just to throw it away
You never fail to take action
But it's a little too late now that you've left the state

I tried to tell you I was sorry
But you're holding on 'till your death
I tried to tell you I was wrong
But I was just wasting my breath
Track Name: Empty Handed
You, you've come a long way kid
I never thought I’d see the day
That you'd stand back on you're own two feet
Now everything's about to change
You were all that I had
You were all that I knew
Now I’ve got nothing left
to offer but the truth

You, you proved them all wrong kid
d never thought you'd find a way
To go, go out and make ends meet
But now you're just too far away
And you were all that I had
You were all that I knew
Now I'm running back
With nothing left to lose

This whole thing's gotten way out of hand
I’m coming back around, I’m coming back around
What’s it going to take to make you understand
I’m coming back around for you

Cause I'm not leaving empty handed
So come on baby give me something good
This is not how we had planned it
That doesn’t mean it wont turn out the way it should

You, you said you'd take your time
But now you're taking your chances
All, all of us know that you
Can’t leave well enough alone
I was all that you had
I was all that you knew
Wont you let me make this right
Wont you let me make this new
Track Name: Right Here All Along
So you found a way to make this feel like home
But you’re still looking for the place to call your own
But it’d be easier to stay, hide behind that magazine
Cause it was hardly a mistake to let go of everything

Now you’re on your way you’re on you own
You left to find it but it was right here all along
You left when you knew when it was wrong
Now everything I thought I knew has gone away with you
It was right here all along, you sang to me a different song
Now everything I thought I knew has gone away with you

Now you’re reading from a script, your life is a movie
But it’s never enough, you’re still not happy
And you stayed, as long as you can stand
You’re not gonna wait, for your life to end

Isn’t this what you wanted when
You said that no one was listening
Now you’re left with no one else to blame
Isn't this what you wanted when
You thought that no one was listening
Now you're left with no one else to blame.
Track Name: Lost With You
You stopped me in my tracks you’ve caught my attention
I just woke up in a place I’ve never known
Wont you point me in the right direction
Your heart is the compass that leads me home

If love should leave me lost within it’s bounds
Then I’ll throw away the map hope to never be found
I will turn away everything I ever knew
Just to spend one more day being lost with you

You wrote your name in the fog on the windshield
So when I’m driving through the cold I’ll think of you
We’re always sayin’ let’s go somewhere new
I think I found the place when I’m with you

I don’t know which way is up
I don’t know just where to go
So I’ll just wait here lost in love
And hope that you find me alone

You brought me to a place that I never have known
But somehow it feels just like home
When I’m with you I’m home
Track Name: Matter of Time
You lost a couple friends
Along the lonesome road
From the Carolina coastlines
On down to Tennessee
I'm finally believing in what's underneath
I might be wrong, but I never know I never know

Oh, someday soon we'll see
The place where we belong
The place we used to be

Cause I know it's just a matter of time
'Till it all comes around again
My good intentions led me the wrong direction
I thought that you were my friend

So here I am to wait
Lost more than before
I can't find what I'm looking for
But you didn't believe me
When I said I wasn't sure
But you don’t care anymore
Track Name: Where I Want To Be
Put all your fears aside and just come with me tonight
We’ll drive into the sunrise and leave this town behind
Don’t give a second thought let’s just go with what we got
A change of pace a change of clothes
Where we’re going no one knows oh no

We’re on our way looking for a sign of better times in store
It’s safe to say we found what we were waitin’ for
Somewhere in between all the wrong turns and the right words I've come to see
Anywhere with you is where I want to be

We’ve wasted too much time waitin’ for love to arrive
It’s time we bring it to life before we let this hour pass us by
Cause the clock and me oh we never seem to get along
No I just cant catch on to the second hand and it’s commands oh no

Lets get away together come take my hand forever
I don’t know where we’ll end up but I think we’re headed towards love

And that’s exactly where I want to be